The Associazione Amici di Castelnuovo (Association Friends of Castelnuovo) is a private non-profit association, whose aim is to conserve and promote the artistic, historical and cultural heritage of the original establishment in Castlenuovo, with the full awareness that without constant, rigorous and coordinated actions for the renovation and promotion, this rich and precious memorial may be scattered or lost.
The Association intends to support the estate by undertaking meritorious actions to preserve and promote the ancient Villa and the gardens that surround it as well as to organise events coherent with the general purposes of promoting tourism and the social and cultural heritage of the historical settlement on the Karst above Sagrado.
Many thanks to the artist Mario Pierro for his precious commitment to supplying us with the photos of great artistic value, the Great War Research and Study Group for having encouraged us to continue the enhancement actions, Ms. Teresa Perusini for the work of conservation and restoration she has carried out. Thank you to Ernesto, Roberto and Luciana Zorzi who keep watch on these precious historical roots. Many thanks to the aldermen for Culture and Tourism, the Istituto Ville Venete of Venice and of Villa Manin, the Municipality of Sagrado under whose patronage the initiative for the enhancement of the historical-cultural heritage of the whole area of Castelnuovo has been possible. Many thanks to Paola Tomasella and Sergio Vittori for their historical researches. Many thanks to Ms. Muratti and Ms. Della Torre Valsassina, who embody the precious shrines of family writings. Thank you to Arch. Paolo Bornello and the artist, Franco Dugo for having collaborated in creating the park. Finally, many thanks to Roberto Marin and Gianfranco Trombetta, supporter and founder of the Associazione Amici di Castelnuovo, respectively.